Joe Exotic’s Tiger King Fashion and Merchandise Line Sells Out Almost Immediately

Posted 2020/05/09930


The first wave of Joe Exotic’s Tiger King merchandise sold out within hours. Exotic was able to negotiate a deal with streetwear brand Odaingerous while serving his 22-year prison sentence. The deal was finalized on April 30th for a six-month partnership. While a lot of people keep waiting for Exotic’s 15 minutes of fame to come to an end, he just keeps making headlines, even from prison. And now, he’s found a way to make a decent amount of cash at the same time.

Earlier this week, Odaingerous did a soft launch and immediately sold out of their Joe Exotic merchandise. It’s believed that Exotic and the company pulled down over $20,000 from the soft launch alone. The full collection launched on Wednesday and sources say over 7,000 items have been sold since then, which is pretty amazing. However, with people lined up to see Exotic’s old zoo under new management, it isn’t very surprising to see so many people trying to buy the merch.

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The Tiger King collection, which is called Revenge, includes joggers, hoodies, and graphic T-shirts with Joe’s name and the obvious tiger imagery. The company has even started making protective masks with tigers on them. While the merch is exactly what you would think it would be, one has to wonder why they didn’t go all the way and release bedazzled denim jackets and sparkly pink tank tops to fully capture the Joe Exotic essence. This just feels like a true missed opportunity, though they very well may have a second line on the way with a more extreme look.

Netflix series Tiger King became a worldwide phenomenon back in March when it debuted. People were stuck in their homes and really didn’t have much else to do, so they tuned in to see Joe Exotic and the other colorful characters from the docuseries. Almost immediately, two scripted TV shows based on the series were announced, with the latest set to star Nicolas Cage as Exotic. It’s the casting that a lot Tiger King fans were hoping for, though there are still more than a few who wished Danny McBride was doing it instead.

Tiger King star Carole Baskin has also been making headlines lately. She was duped into participating in a fake interview for someone posing as Jimmy Fallon and recently got dissed by Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. The two pop stars collaborated on a new song and wanted fans from all over the world to submit clips for inclusion in their music video. Baskin and her husband submitted a video, but were not chosen. Baskin doesn’t hold any ill will towards Bieber and Gomez, though she probably won’t be into Joe Exotic’s new Revenge clothing line. You can head over to the Odaingerous website to order up your own Tiger King merch while it lasts.

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