Batman Fans Think Giancarlo Esposito Would Be the Perfect Mr. Freeze

Posted 2020/05/09900


The idea of Giancarlo Esposito playing Batman nemesis Mr. Freeze is picking up steam online after a recent tweet about the fan casting went viral on social media. Known for expertly playing cunning villains on Breaking Bad and The Mandalorian, Esposito certainly has what it takes to portray a diabolical supervillain like Mr. Freeze. Also noticing some physical similarities between the two, one fan posted two photos of Esposito alongside Freeze on Twitter. “I have this amazing idea I can’t get out of my head…” the caption reads. You can take a look at it below.

For the most part, Esposito fans are taking kindly to the idea, with many instantly sold from the pictures alone. Some are calling it a “perfect casting choice” and already wishing alongside the original poster that this potential casting could really happen. One person even tweeted a photoshopped image of Esposito wearing Mr. Freeze’s gear. In contrast to that, some others are instead offering their own personal casting choices for Mr. Freeze, including names like Patrick Stewart and Sterling K. Brown. Still, it’s the concept of Esposito as the frosty villain that seems to be making the most traction with fans at the moment.

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Esposito is very well known for playing the meth-dealing chicken restaurant manager Gus Fring on the hit AMC series Breaking Bad, a role he continues to portray in the show’s prequel series Better Call Saul. He also plays a key role on the Disney Plus series The Mandalorian as Moff Gideon as well. While we may or may not ever see Esposito playing Batman villain Mr. Freeze, fans of the actor can check him out voicing another DC supervillain in the meantime. The Emmy-nominated actor plays Lex Luthor in the new DC Universe animated series Harley Quinn, and as with his other roles, he’s been doing a fantastic job.

Mr. Freeze was famously played by Arnold Schwarzenegger alongside George Clooney as Batman in the 1997 movie Batman and Robin. Focusing heavily on ice-related puns, the portrayal was not nearly as dark as other versions of Mr. Freeze we’ve seen in comic books and animated projects. The supervillain hasn’t been seen on the big screen ever since, and as of now, there’s been no indication he’ll be appearing in The Batman with Robert Pattinson or any other DC-based movie. He still continues to be featured in various animated projects and was played by Nathan Darrow on the Fox prequel series Gotham.

Some fans have been tagging Matt Reeves on Twitter to bring his attention to the potential casting choice, but it doesn’t seem likely Mr. Freeze will be featured in The Batman as most of its key characters have already been revealed. Still, there’s always the chances Warner Bros. will be looking to repeat the success of Joker with more standalone movies about well-known Batman villains, and it looks like a Mr. Freeze movie with Esposito in the lead role could really be something special. The original tweet about Esposito playing Mr. Freeze comes from @nab1803 on Twitter and you can check out some of the fan responses below.

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